Greetings from England!

Festivities have been enjoyed, gifts exchanged, family and friends caught up with and now its back to work with a bump.

The new year came with the usual discussions about how we would like this year to go, where we would like to be by the end of the year and how small resolutions can help to achieve wider goals. For me it was to practice my guitar every day for at least 10 minutes and to charge my phone in a different room to the one in which I sleep.

Easy enough to keep up and each thing has a measurable degree of success.

Less easily defined is the other thing: spending more time doing things with my kids, taking more time off is relatively easy but finding things which will interest a 9 year old and a very nearly 7 year old and that we can do as a family is less easy. And then there’s the 20 year old who is away at university.

Independently from the recent podcast episode, we have started with a family watch of Star Wars from Empire up to a family trip to the cinema to see the Rise of Skywalker. Some good films, some not quite so good perhaps, but a great way to spend time together and have an experience that we could all share. I was old enough to see Return of the Jedi at the cinema and remember going on one of the first few cinema trips I went on as a child, so hopefully the kids will look back on the trip fondly, whatever they thought of the film itself (for the record, they both loved it)

Movies are such a simple way of sharing time together, we are often tucked under blankets on the couch, dog lying at our feet and a shared watching experience happening which we will talk about and discuss over the days and weeks to follow, and we are all allowed our choices. Frozen had its time, as did Mamma Mia, The Goonies and The Princess Bride.

It would be lovely to hear about the movies you watch as a family, and hear some suggestions via the Facebook page or email and hopefully the guys can discuss it on a show.


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