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About the show

John Abdulla and Patrick Greene started Just Winging It in 1985, but brought it into podcast form in early 2018. After what they would describe as several profound lunchtime conversations about life, their narcissism led them to start recording and sharing those conversations under the guise of a parenting podcast. The truth is, the show is as much about these two dads exploring how to live meaningful lives themselves, as it is about parenting. The real truth is they don’t know what the show is about or where it will go. Critics have called it the Seinfeld of parenting podcasts. Or, they might call it that, if they listened. Also, there will be poop. Enjoy!

John Abdulla

John Abdulla

John is working on how to be a great (mediocre?) dad to his toddler daughter and infant son, and husband to his already-great wife. He’s also working on the small task of ending the injustice of poverty with Patrick and colleagues at Oxfam, in his capacity as Web & Analytics Manager.

Nobody asked, but John started sharing his views on how to live a meaningful life anyway; first with his blog, which he started when he was diagnosed with cancer in 2009. He hasn’t stopped since—now bringing his perspective to this podcast.

When the kids go to bed, he’s occasionally a middling independent filmmaker and web designer, too.

Patrick Greene

Patrick Greene

Patrick has been a dad since 2013, which sounds like a really long time ago now that he’s writing it out. He and his wife are raising two sons in the Greater Boston area, and he is having a great time passing on his embarrassingly diverse array of interests and hobbies to his kids.

Outside of his work with John at Oxfam, Patrick is (somehow) an award-winning composer of contemporary classical music. He’s also on a couple of other podcasts, but totally understands if you don’t want to check them out. He won’t even take it personally. He swears.

He’s just saying, you know, if you’re CURIOUS you could go to to learn more.

Two thirty-something dads explore poopy diapers and the meaning of life.