Being a father is like being a referee at a game of dodgeball for cats, where all the balls are balloons. It doesn’t last long but man is it fun.

And really if you could replace any part of being a father, would you replace the part where it doesn’t last long?

Maybe it’s just me but I believe this time we are in simultaneously adds and subtracts from the stress of being a parent. At one moment you’re trying to feed all your children with some microwaved convenience food and the next you’re putting on a show from Netflix for their 1 session of screen time that day. That’s another thing, our kids just don’t appreciate that we are trying to save their brains from melting into a pile of goo. As adults we’re allowed to binge 200 episodes of Korean drama but we, their brave and over-stressed guardians, must protect their developing minds from a tsunami of information and entertainment. Maybe that’s why kids are so much happier. They haven’t been given the full suite of options. They’re only allowed what is doled out to them and that is all they want. They see us sitting, staring at our phones and they wonder what it would be like to plug in to that information stream but they just don’t know how lucky they are to be protected from it. So let us ponder today that cat-dodge-ball analogy and think, how can we make our own lives more like our kids’? Limited from screen-time, fed only what is nutritious (begging for treats), wanting exercise to end the boredom and being provided a steady stream of education and fun. Or maybe we should think about how much we do for them and do a little less so they have to figure it out for themselves. We’re winging it, maybe they should be given the opportunity to wing it sometimes too…

I’m David Csinsi and I’m a 36 year old father of 4. My most recent child was born in November of 2019. I’ve been on the Pod once as Sir Timothy Berners-Lee. Currently I’m on hiatus from my own podcast “Explore the Space! w/Dave and Kelly” but there are 6 episodes up  here for Apple   or here on other platforms I’ll be musing on fatherhood here as often and as briefly as I can because I know ‘ain’t nobody got time for that.

Two thirty-something dads explore poopy diapers and the meaning of life.